Teaching Social Skills to Individuals with Autism

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social validity measure

application flashcards

Article Course: Teaching “When?” Mands

Landa, R.K, Hansen, B. & Shillingsburg, M.A. (2017). Teaching mands for information using ‘when’ to children with autism.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50, 538-551.

Article Course: Disguised Mands

Najdowski, A. C., Bergstrom, R., Tarbox, J. and Clair, M. St. (2017). Teaching children with autism to respond to disguised mands. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50: 733–743.

Article Course: Compliance with Instructions

Borgen, J.G., Mace, F.C., Cavanaugh, B.M., Shamuan, K., Lit, K.R., Wilson, J.B. & Trauschke, S.L. (2017).  A method to establish stimulus control and compliance with instructions.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50, 830-842.

Article Course: Teaching Requests for Help

Article Course: SIB Subtypes

Hagopian, L. P., Rooker, G. W., Zarcone, J. R., Bonner, A. C. and Arevalo, A. R. (2017).  Further analysis of subtypes of automatically reinforced SIB: A replication and quantitative analysis of published datasets. , 48–66.

Article Course: Discrimination Training

Article Course: Parent-Implemented BST

Dogan, R. K., King, M. L., Fischetti, A. T., Lake, C. M., Mathews, T. L. and Warzak, W. J. (2017), Parent-implemented behavioral skills training of social skills. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50: 805–818. doi:10.1002/jaba.411