Improving Day Program Engagement

Adult day programs are intended to add value to an individual’s life. How can we optimize that value by improving an individual’s engagement? This article course covers a demonstration that provides a method for measuring and increasing consumer engagement in day program work tasks. Data sheets are also provided.

Beahm, L.A., Ingvarsson, E.T., Funk, N., Haskins, L. & Frazier, J. (2023). Using an app-based token economy to increase engagement in daily living and vocational tasks with adults with developmental disabilities. Behavior Analysis in Practice,


Course Pacing: This course is 2 General-type CEUs and should take 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete (50 minutes/CEU, per the BACB). A course timer is provided at the end of the course. The timer is an imperfect guide and it is recommended that users informally log their time. User verification of time spent, and additional reading, are provided in the course survey presented prior to the final quiz.

Target Audience: BCBA/BCaBAs