2021 Course Bundle: Applications for Individuals with ASD


This bundle includes seven courses:

Practice with Confidence: Applications of an Ethical Decision-Making Process (3 BACB CEUs, Ethics-type)
Studying the New 2022 Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts (1 BACB CEUs, Ethics-type)
Applications for Compliant Supervision (3 BACB CEUs, Supervision-type)
Fitting In: Addressing Behaviors Related to ASD that Impede Social Integration (4 BACB CEUs)
Strategies for Teaching Individuals with ASD to Engage in Better Conversations (3 BACB CEUs)
Article Course: Less-Restrictive Toilet Training for Learners with ASD (1 BACB CEU)
Article Course: Tolerance Training without Extinction: Haircut for Adolescents with Autism (1 BACB CEU)

Purchasing courses as a bundle saves $42 over buying them individually.  Two bundles provide all 32 credits needed for re-certification.
Another option – create your own bundle of 16 credits or more using coupon code BUNDLE16.