Use of Behavioral Skills Training in Supervision

This course counts as 3 Supervision BACB CEUs.

The use of Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is an expectation of behavior analysis supervision (see BACB supervisor training curriculum).  However, BST is a relatively new technique defined by researchers and many behavior analysts do not have experience using BST.  This training is designed to provide the latest research on BST protocol of adult learners and apply those findings to supervision.  Following this training, supervisors can expect to have a thorough knowledge of the latest BST research, applications for supervision, and completed BST protocols and assessment tools that may be used in their practice of supervision.

Target audience: Certified behavior analysts who provide supervision

Course Instructions: Read the material in Lesson 1 and take the practice quiz at the bottom of the page. After you have answered the two practice questions, move on to Lessons 2-7. When the Course Review is complete, take the final quiz until an 80% correct is achieved. Your certificate of course completion will be generated automatically.

Supervision Applications

As you complete the course, look for for highlighted resources and applications to supervision practice.

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