vignette 3 suggested responses


Problem-Solving StepApplication to Jen's Problem
Identify the problemThe school's seclusion monitoring policy puts students at risk
Pressing further could implicate her employer or her behavior analyst colleague
Not doing anything could lead to student injury
Relevant ethical codes7.01 Promoting an Ethical Culture
7.02 Ethical Violations by Other and Risk of Harm
Considering other dimensions of the problemJen should check her state's laws to have a good understanding of the policies that she may use to present her concern with higher level school administrators
Otherwise, Jen is clear on the safety risk and ready to pursue the issue further
Consider courses of action & potential consequencesJen would like to meet with the school's superintendent to discuss her concerns. However, she is concerned that she might jeopardize her relationships with her own school's administration.
Jen is also considering talking to the parents of the students who use seclusion. She would prefer that the school handle the situation before going to the parents.
Select a course of actionJen decides to talk to the superintendent of the district. Jen is prepared to go to parents for support if the school is unresponsive. There is also a local chapter of an autism advocacy group that would likely support her efforts.
Implement and evaluate course of actionIt has been several weeks since Jen talked to the district administration. Jen decides to write a letter to the administration and make them aware of her intention to talk to the families about the school's practices. This will document her efforts in the event she receives retaliation from her employer.