RBT as Functional Analysis Assistant

Assistant Roles

When a behavior analyst conducts a functional analysis, it is very likely the BA will ask the client’s RBT for assistance.  There are a few possible roles for the RBT:

Work Directly with Client – This role is as it sounds, the RBT would be one-on-one with the client delivering the consequences for each condition.  It is extremely important that the RBT follow the procedures of the functional analysis very closely.

Data Collector – Typically there are at least two people collecting data during a functional analysis but there can be as many as three.  The procedures for data collection will be discussed in the next lesson.

Working Directly with Client

Working directly with the client requires that the RBT is prepared to implement the procedures of the functional analysis fluidly.  There is no opportunity to check notes or hesitate.  For this reason, the RBT may practice the various conditions prior to implementing them with the client.

Counter-Intuitive Reactions

Perhaps the most difficult part of working with the client during the functional analysis is responding to the target behavior.  During training, RBTs are taught ti minimize the amount of attention they provide a target behavior.  RBTs may even be directed to “ignore the behavior, but not the client” whereby they do not respond to target behavior and continue working with the client as if nothing happened.  However, during the functional analysis the condition will determine how the behavior analyst responds.

Procedural Checklist

Procedural checklists contain all the steps in a procedure.  They are used often in behavior analysis for training purposes.  When asks to assist with a functional analysis, an RBT should first review the procedural checklist for functional analysis.  All the procedure for implementing the conditions are specified and may be rehearsed in preparation for the assessment.

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Course Resource

Procedural Checklist for Functional Analysis

[button linking=”new_window” link=”https://ceuey.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/FUNCTIONAL-ANALYSIS-PROCEDURE-CHECKLIST.docx” align=”left” size=”medium” style=solid” title=”FA Procedural Checklist”] Functional Analysis Procedural Checklist [/button]

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