RBT as FBA Assistant

Completing a Structured Interview

As the direct care worker, the RBT may be interviewed for the FBA.  The RBT will help the assessment by providing clear, observable information.  Consider the interview questions below and provide an example response.  When you are finished an example response will be provided.  Try to provide objective accounts that are observable.  There is no right and wrong answer.

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Administering Structured Interviews

The RBT may also be asked to assist in the administration of interviews.  Administering interviews requires getting the individual to provide details without asking leading questions.  When asking follow-up questions, phrase the question so that it is open-ended and requires more than a yes or no answer.  Below are some examples or good follow-up questions and follow-up questions that should be avoided.

The interview questions referenced in the table below are from the interview form provided in the previous topic (link to interview form).

QuestionIncomplete Client Response

INCORRECT: Yes/No Follow-up Question

INCORRECT: Leading Follow-up

CORRECT: Open-ended Follow-up

What does the problem behavior look like?It is dangerous and makes all the other students afraid.So it presents a danger to the other students?The other students run away and cringe?What specifically does the client do when she engages in the target behavior?
Describe the setting, activities, and who is around when the problem behavior occurs.It happens everywhere and at any time, it does not matter who is around.So the behavior can occur at any time during the day?Tell me more about how he engages in the behavior all day long.If I wanted to try to get the behavior to occur, what might be some of the variables I would want to be sure were present?
Is there something that, when present makes it more likely that the trigger sets off the behavior?Boredom. He does it when he has nothing better to do.It sounds like keeping him engaged in activities is a good way to avoid the behavior. You mention boredom. Does this mean he engages in the behavior more during downtime?Tell me more about situations where you might describe him as bored.
What consequences appear most likely to maintain the problem behavior?It is definitely maintained by attentionSo she does it for your attention?What kinds of teacher attention does she receive when she engages in the behavior?Can you describe the attention she receives from teachers, peers, and others when she engages i the behavior?

Now consider the interview questions and responses below.  Construct open-ended follow-up questions based on the examples above.