New Trainees

Getting New Trainees Started

There is a lot to cover at the start of a supervisor-trainee relationship (see BACB’s Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline 2.0). In addition, orienting trainees to appropriate expectations for supervision could take some time. Helvey, Thuman, and Cariveau (2021) outline a series of recommended practices for trainees to follow. The article covers practical exercises, such as reading the BCBA Handbook, as well as suggestions that are not required but supervisors may find helpful, such as a self-assessment of the Task List. Below is a copy of the article and a questionnaire for trainees to complete following its review. This exercise could be appropriate for a graduate course on supervision or as part of the orientation process of new trainees.

Course Resource: Getting Started as a Trainee

Reflection on Expectations

In addition to the checklist provided at the end of the article, the questionnaire linked below is a suggestion based on the text of the article, It was created by CEUey and may be downloaded for use as it is or modified as needed.

Task List Self-Assessment

The data sheet provided here may be used for a trainee’s task-list self-assessment.