“I feel like the timer is not accurately recording my time.”

Check these possible scenarios –

  • Refresh the page.  If you leave the course page to view a PDF or website resource, refresh the page when you return.  If you close the browser without refreshing, the next time you visit you may need to refresh the page after it loads for the timer to display the correct time.
  • Check your internet connection.  Many times home internet connections become spotty when the signal is weakened or another user is downloading or streaming content.
  • Use a laptop or desktop.  If you are taking the course on a tablet or phone, the course timer does not capture time away from the browser (for example, reading a PDF or visiting another site.  This is due to the design of applications on portable devices to save battery charge and cannot be avoided (the course is “put to sleep” when it is not being displayed).  We try to use iframes when possible as a workaround.
  • Check the browser.  Due to discontinuation, IE does not have the same updates as other browsers.  Try Chrome, Safari, or Firefox instead.  Also, consider whether the browser you are using has been updated recently.
  • Send us a line.   If none of these scenarios pertain and you are feeling frustrated by a timer that seems inaccurate, please send us a note.   When you contact us regarding the timer, please indicate the device and browser you were using to take the course.  support@ceuey.com