Supervision Ethics Worksheet

Supervisee reacts defensively when supervisor provides feedback during supervision meetings and is not acting on supervisor feedback.
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5.04 Designing Effective Supervision and Training. If the supervisee's behaviors have not changed, the supervision is not effective.

5.05 Communication of Supervision Conditions. The supervisor can reference the terms of the contract when addressing lack of progress with supervisee.

5.06 Providing Feedback to Supervisees. Supervisor should consider how feedback is delivered and reinforcement contingencies supporting change. Also, feedback should be documented so that lack of progress may be demonstrated using both collected data and meeting notes (observation notes, Experience Supervision Form, performance review document).
Supervisee consistently complains that supervision does not provide opportunities to conduct functional analysis. The supervisor does not have much experience with FA but decides to arrange for FAs and figures that he can just learn along with the supervisee.
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5.01 Supervisory Competence. The supervisor does not have the clinical experience to teach the supervisee how to conduct FAs.

5.05 Communication of Supervision Conditions. The setting and clinical opportunities should be communicated at the onset of supervision.
Supervisee is a new employee who decided to pursue a BCBA. The company providing the supervision is short-staffed and immediately begins asking the supervisee to conduct assessments and develop programs.
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5.03 Supervisory Delegation. The supervisor may be asking the supervisee to do things that she does not have the skills or training to do.
A supervisor is providing supervision as one of her many job duties as Clinical Director. The supervisor is coming in early and working late just to make time for the supervisees when the company hires five more clinicians in need of supervision.
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5.02 Supervisory Volume. The supervisor does not have time for all the supervisee she has been assigned.

Additional code violations will also apply due to the supervisor being too busy to give all the supervisee the attention and support they require.
A supervisor is using a standardized approach to supervision that pushes supervisees through to the end. As long as they put in their time and pay for supervision, she signs the verification form and everyone is happy.
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5.07 Evaluating the Effects of Supervision. If the supervisor is not providing individualized feedback and support, supervisees may not be acquiring skills. Evaluating the effects of supervision will provide evidence of supervision effectiveness.
A supervisor is interested in applying for the doctoral program at her supervisee's university. She asks the supervisee to arrange social meet-ups with the doctoral graduate students and faculty to improve her chances of acceptance into the program. When the supervisee neglects to mention a graduate student happy hour, the supervisor cancels their meeting and lets the supervisee know why.
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1.07 Exploitative Relationships. The supervisor is exploiting her power and asking the supervisee for favors in return for continued supervision.