Response to form: Alternative responses

Behavior contextLikely functionAlternative responses
Adam screams when he wants peers to give him space.Escape attentionTeach Adam to say "Please leave me alone" to peers.
Tyler screams when he wants to drown out the other noises in the room.Escape sensory stimulationProvide Tyler with noise-canceling headphones, teach him to ask for them when the environment is noisy.
Rosita screams when she is asked to do something she does not want to do.Escape demandsTeach Rosita to ask for a break.
Pierre screams when he is hungry.Obtain tangibleTeach Pierre to ask for food using words or sign language.
Hannah screams when she wants the teacher to call on her.Obtain attentionTeach Hannah to raise her hand.
Tyrell screams because he enjoys the sound it makes.Obtain sensory stimulationProvide Tyrell with access to similar stimulation, such as an mp3 player with high pitched noises playing, teach him to ask for the mp3 player when he is seeking the stimulation.