Feedback Trouble: 3

Your response Response example
What is happening, or failing to happen, that is causing the trouble?

The supervisee is having a hard time receiving feedback. The supervisor may not be effectively reinforcing the supervisee in feedback conversations.

The supervisee lacks the skill of receiving feedback as an analyst.
How might the supervisor go about improving this situation?

The supervisor should provide reinforcement for the STRENGTHS they see in the supervisee, so as to package the correction more kindly. However, the supervisor needs to be client-first-minded, so giving clear constructive feedback is not bad. The supervisor can remind the supervisee that their feedback is not at all meant as an attack or taking away from the positive delivery of service they give, but as a way to benefit the client and make sure that the data is valid and reliable across team members.

Identify the response as problematic and plan to review how to receive feedback at the next meeting, using modeling, role-play and feedback to ensure the skill is being mastered.