Feedback Trouble: 1

Your response Response example
What is happening, or failing to happen, that is causing the trouble?

Ethical boundary of multiple relationships being avoided is being broken.

The supervisor’s friendship has caused a multiple relationship; neither the supervisor nor the trainee are respecting boundaries
How might the supervisor go about improving this situation?

Professionally, calmly, and kindly express to the supervisee that professional communication with families is an expectation outlined in their supervision contract and task list. Express that you believe the current multiple relationship is unethical and, although you care about them, it is posing a danger to your supervisory relationship, and even more so, successful client-focused services. Tell the supervisee that this relationship needs to end so that the in-clinic relationship can flourish for the client.

The supervisor can re-set the relationship by starting over, model good ethics by citing the ethics code and how the friendship violates it, and then going over boundaries and expected behavior during feedback sessions. Also explain consequences if the problem persists.