Feedback analysis 3

Feedback step Your response Response example
Did the supervisor describe the ineffective performance and the desired performance?

Follow-up was not addressed but the desired performance was taught.

Yes the supervisor described the desired performance
Did the supervisor provide rationale and instructions for the desired performance?

Yes written material, a checklist, instruction, modeling and feedback.

Yes the instructions were provided in the procedural checklist but perhaps the supervisee needed more on the rationale; why training with the exact procedure is so critical for quality service delivery.
Did the supervisor model the correct performance?


Did the supervisor provide opportunities for the supervisee to practice the desired performance?

Yes to mastery

Did the supervisor provide feedback again, and follow-up as necessary?

not provided in scenario

Yes, they practiced to mastery. However, follow-up to the natural environment was needed. Unlike skills that the trainee uses with clients, the skill of training professionals involves an entirely new context and the trainee required extra support to generalize the skill to an actual staff training.