Decision-Making Skills: Scenario 4

Your response Response example
Was this response problematic with regard to ethics, professionalism, or the client’s treatment program?

Yes, going straight to the administration may damage the rapport built with the classroom staff, and damage the credibility given to us by the administration when they have to intervene. It is appropriate to inform them of the event afterwards in a way that supports proactive responding for the next time there is a sub.

No, the response indicated good judgement
When/how might feedback be delivered by the supervisor?

In the next supervision meeting.

The supervisor might praise the trainee for the response and explain the ways in which the situation could have worsened if she didn’t take action.
What types of additional training might improve this trainee’s performance?

How to work with other professionals in the room if they are not responding to our treatment plans. How to support our client through treatment plans when they are not being followed by staff.

The supervisor might initiate opportunities for the trainee to provide training to others. The supervisor can use modeling/rehearsal/feedback to prepare the trainee for training others.