Decision-Making Skills: Scenario 2

Your response Response example
Was this response problematic with regard to ethics, professionalism, or the client’s treatment program?

Yes, when working with a family discussions with other, whether or not they are family members, should not occur unless consent has been provided.

Yes. Confidentiality was not maintained and predicting outcomes is also an ethical concern. Also, forecasting outcomes damages credibility and rapport with the caregivers.
When/how might feedback be delivered by the supervisor?

This should happen prior to the supervisee next visit to the home. Ethical codes should be used to references what violations occurred. Provide alternative responses that the supervisee can say when being asked by other family members.

During the supervision meeting the supervisor might review the ethics codes that were violated and provide modeling/rehearsal/feedback of how to respond in that situation for the future
What types of additional training might improve this supervisee’s performance?

Providing scenarios similar in regards to the ethical violations and discuss in detail as to what is the proper way to address.

HIPAA rules, how to respond to difficult questions, how to approach unexpected scenarios in the field, limitations of forecasting outcomes