Decision-Making Skills: Scenario 1

Your response Response example
Was this response problematic with regard to ethics, professionalism, or the client’s treatment program?

Client’s treatment program

Yes. Rather than address the motivating operations, the RBT used a restrictive procedure, escape extinction, without an assessment or authorized treatment plan. The response caused a behavioral escalation which included new behaviors in addition to escape. With regard to professionalism, the response supported a belief that ABA is controlling and restrictive.
When/how might feedback be delivered by the supervisor?

The supervisor could have stepped in with regard to the student feeling “pinned”. Moving the desk against a wall was a reasonable solution to the desk not being flipped. The escape behavior required a way to be able to escape appropriately; perhaps with a work/break system or a timed break system.

Immediately – this response should not be repeated at the next session. The supervisor can suggest non-contingent breaks and increasing reinforcer delivery for task completion
What types of additional training might improve this supervisee’s performance?

Talking through other scenarios where behavior is maintained through escape. Have the supervisee provide other options for appropriate allowance of the escape behavior.

Training in options for addressing noncompliance and also options for adapting programs when the client is having an off-day. In general, the supervisee might benefit from an opportunity to analyze motivating operations and come up with options for how to address various MOs.