Job Selection and Training for Individuals with ASD

What is the ethical obligation for creating successful opportunities for adult clients?
How can we best prepare learners for a meaningful work opportunity in adulthood?
What behavioral assessments are available and which constructs are most important when using a data-informed approach to matching learners with work opportunities?

These questions and more guide the integration of real-life problems and recent research in this course designed to be immediately applicable to behavior analysts working with adolescents and adults.


Course Pacing: This course is 4 CEUs and should take 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete (50 minutes/CEU, per the BACB). A course timer is provided at the end of the course. The timer is an imperfect guide and it is recommended that users informally log their time. User verification of time spent, and additional reading, are provided in the course survey presented prior to the final quiz.

Target Audience: BCBA/BCaBAs

Course Content

Lessons Status

Common Problems Related to Transition Planning


Job Preparation and the Ethics Code


Identification of a Worker Profile


Better to Match Skills or Preference?


Job Skills Training with BST


Valuable Take-Away Lessons from Lerman et al. (2015)


Job Skills Training with Other Options


Social Integration for Work


Clinical Applications


Review, Resources, and References


Final Quiz