bcaba ethical vignette 3

QuestionSuggest Responses
Which supervision ethical code in particular applies to Leah's situation?5.02 Supervisory Volume. Behavior analysts take on only a volume of supervisory activity that is commensurate with their ability to be effective.
-- Leah has too much to do and is not an effective supervisor.

5.03b Supervisory Delegation. If the supervisee does not have the skills necessary to perform competently, ethically, and safely, behavior analysts provide conditions for the acquisition of those skills.
-- Leah is unavailable for training the supervisees in tasks of their jobs that they are no prepared to perform.

10.05 Compliance with BACB Supervision and Coursework Standards. Behavior analysts ensure that ... BCaBA supervision is conducted in accordance with the BACB's standards
-- Leah missed the observations last quarter and many of her supervisory meetings are being canceled.
What could happen if Leah does nothing?If Leah does nothing she may be held accountable for the poor supervision in many ways

- A supervisee may complain to the BACB
- A client's parent may complain about the supervisee
- The missed meetings and observations will put both Leah and the supervisees out of compliance with the BACB
How might Leah respond to the situation?This is a dangerous situation for Leah. Her employer is not providing the support she needs to provide supervision. If the situation continues, Leah will be jeopardizing her own certification.

Leah will need to set parameters for providing supervision at work. She may include the employers as a third party on the supervision contract. Leah can explain the standards and ethics for supervision to her employer and outline specific procedures and schedules for supervision in the contract.

If Leah's employer refuses to sign the contract, Leah will need to make her own BCBA certification her top priority. This will mean looking for another job with a different company. In the meantime, Leah will need to make time to provide supervision, even if it means coming in early or staying late at work. Seeing her supervision commitments through until she finds another job is what she needs to do to maintain her good standing with the BACB and continue her career as a behavior analyst.