bcaba ethical vignette 1

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Which ethical codes must John consider when deciding whether to continue with supervision of the BCaBAs?5.02 Supervisory Volume. Behavior analysts take on only a volume of supervisory activity that is commensurate with their ability to be effective.
-- John may find he is too busy to provide supervision.

10.05 Compliance with BACB Supervision and Coursework Standards. Behavior analysts ensure that ... BCaBA supervision is conducted in accordance with the BACB's standards
-- John may find that the distance of his new office and the travel that is required of his job make supervision meetings and observations difficult to schedule.
After some consideration, John decides it would be best to terminate the supervision relationship. Which code must John consult for termination of supervision services?Code 2.15e Behavior analysts do not abandon clients and supervisees. Prior to discontinuation, for whatever reason, behavior analysts: discuss service needs, provide appropriate pre-termination services, suggest alternative service providers as appropriate, and, upon consent, take other reasonable steps to facilitate timely transfer of responsibility to another provider.
-- John will also need to consult the supervision contract he and the supervisees signed. There may be specific termination procedures that need to be followed, in addition to the considerations listed in code 2.15e