ASD Social: Clinical Applications II

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Techniques from recent research

Develop a list of possible responses that could be used as a reference. Model examples and non examples of the skill and ask learner to respond to whether to comment was pleasant or unpleasant.

  • Model example and non-examples of pleasant comments and ask the learner to determine whether they qualify as a pleasant comment (i.e., Hood et al., 2020)
  • Construct a list of phrases with the learner that she can use and type them out on a sheet a paper she may reference during practice (see Hood et al., 2020, also Yamamoto & Isawa, 2020)
  • Consider using a reinforcer that may be faded later (i.e., Grob et al., 2019)

Utilize frames that can be filled in given the context.

  • Teach a frame into which the learner can insert unique words or phrases (e.g., “Today I am looking forward to _____.”; adapted from Hood et al., 2020)