ASD Social: Clinical Applications II

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Techniques from recent research

Conducting Booster BST Sessions focused on the skill where errors are happening. Conducting BST sessions within conversations with textual prompts that contain frames that correct the errors.

  • Model example and non-examples of pleasant comments and ask the learner to determine whether they qualify as a pleasant comment (i.e., Hood et al., 2020)
  • Construct a list of phrases with the learner that she can use and type them out on a sheet a paper she may reference during practice (see Hood et al., 2020, also Yamamoto & Isawa, 2020)
  • Consider using a reinforcer that may be faded later (i.e., Grob et al., 2019)

Behavior Analyst should use introduction, modeling, and rehearsal and feedback as well as evocative situations, textual prompts and frames.

  • Teach a frame into which the learner can insert unique words or phrases (e.g., “Today I am looking forward to _____.”; adapted from Hood et al., 2020)