ASD Social: Clinical Applications I

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Promoting unscripted responses

While using scripts while training, the behavior analyst should as many scripted phrases as possible and begin script fading early in the training sessions as well as fading prompts.

Prompt fading

When script fading a behavior analyst can fade the script by systematically sequentially removing the last word from the scripted phrase. Differential reinforcement can be used to promote unscripted responses as well as switching to a VR schedule of reinforcement following 5 unscripted initiations in training.

  • Fade out the script, dropping one word from the end at a time (Wichnick-Gillis et al., 2019; also useful for promoting unscripted responses as well as prompt fading)
  • Consider switching to other types of prompts, such as textural or audio, if the learner is not able to respond without the presence of the current prompt
  • Insert a prompt delay, independent responding may be demonstrated without the need to fade (Lopez and Wiskow, 2019)
  • If using reinforcement, switch to a VR schedule (Wichnick-Gillis et al., 2019)