Application Scenarios: What would you do? 3

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What are the ethical concerns?

Ethical concerns of a potential dual relationship.

  • Ongoing gifts (1.11)
How might you approach this situation if you were the supervisor?

I would speak with the parents, and would also ask Joseph not to bake, and the reason before. I also believe that Joseph needs to make sure that when things come up, he is going to BCBA.

While the flow chart indicates that 1.11 should be immediately reported, this situation could possibly allow for some judgement by the supervisor. First, the inappropriate use of gifts has been one-sided (the family is not responding). Further, it seems that the RBT is inexperienced and using what he knows from personal relationships to improve his professional one. The supervisor could explain how his attempts to manage the situation present an ethical concern and talk about fair expectations for the family and how to set boundaries on what is appropriate (and also how to enforce those boundaries with the family). The supervisor might also talk to the family about expectations and boundaries. Other possible solutions could include moving therapy to another location (such as the client’s day program) and offering ABA parent training to the caregivers.