Application Scenarios: What would you do? 1

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What are the ethical concerns?

Acting in a professional manner at all times

  • Treating others with respect (Core Principles)
  • Conduct self in professional manner (1.02)
  • Do not harass others (incl. coworkers; 1.08)
  • Following supervisor’s directions (2.02)
  • Improve own performance (2.03)
How might you approach this situation if you were the supervisor?

I would limit group options and provide any feedback/training about professionalism and specifically body langauge

The RBT is creating a hostile work environment and his behavior cannot continue. The supervisor could create a final remediation plan where the evaluation instrument, performance expectation, and criteria for continued supervision need to be met for supervision to continue (while the supervisor may not be able to terminate the employee, refusing to supervise will not allow the RBT to continue to work).