2.0 Ethics Case 1

Problem-solving step Your response Response example
Identify the problem

Jack is currently too overburdened to provide effective supervision to his trainees.

Jack’s responsibilities have increased but no room has been made in his schedule.
Relevant ethical standard(s)

Providing effective Supervision
Providing effective services too all people we serve

4.03 Supervisory Volume – Jack’s work responsibilities have increased, and now his supervision commitments have exceeded his ability to be effective.
Consider dimensions of the problem

Caseload too heavy
Effective Supervision not being provided

Jack has responsibilities to both his clients and his trainees. His workload has exceeded his ability to be effective as a supervisor.
It would be an ethics violation for Jack to abandon his clients or his trainees
Consider courses of action & potential consequences

Request that some clients be relieved from his caseload; This would allow the BCBA time to appropriately supervise. Request that supervision be assigned to another BCBA; This would allow the BCBA time to appropriately give services. Continue on overburdened; Burn out, poor supervision, poor services rendered.

Decrease client caseload – Jack could ask his employer to share the extra responsibilities with other behavior analysts, or temporarily cut his billable hours to the minimum necessary
Share supervision – Jack is the only behavior analyst supervisor so this is really not an option
Select a course of action

The appropriate choice is to ask about relief of clients or supervisees.

Jack might decide to present the problem as an urgent ethics issue to his director and urge that they contract with a staffing agency to fill the position with a BCBA who can take on the extra client cases while they continue the search for a permanent replacement.
Implement and evaluate course of action

Time would be allotted for the BCBA to provide the services or supervision they prefer.

The director is responsive to Jack’s request and Jack receives relief from the extra work within about a week.