Unique System of Documentation

Unique System of Documentation

The Fieldwork Requirements require a “Unique Documentation System.”  The BACB provides flexibility to supervisors and trainees for developing their own system for documenting ongoing supervision and experience (table below).  The BACB specifies that documentation must demonstrate adherence to all the experience standards and the ethics code.  The FAQ document goes on to clarify that the Experience Tracker may be used to log all the required data but supporting documents should also be retained. These supporting documents may be requested by the BACB.

Supervisors are required to retain supervision documents for 7 years.

The screenshot below is from the BCBA Handbook (ver. 02/2021)

Fieldwork Tracker, and then some

In addition to the Fieldwork Tracker, the unique system of documentation will include documents to support the data entered in the Fieldwork Tracker.  Below are some examples –

  • Verification of hours – pay stubs, sign-in sheets, punch card
  • Trainings provided – procedural checklists, BST protocols used, Task List Checklist with training dates filled in
  • Feedback documents – supervision meeting form / agenda, feedback notes, observation data sheet, rubric review of trainee documents