Nothing is Working

What now?

Grace has done everything right. She started with assessment, then intervention, then a more detailed assessment when that intervention had no effect, then a modified intervention. She has arranged the environment for success, trained staff, and supervises the intervention program closely. Some days are good, most days are not, and no real progress has been made.

Grace has been providing services to Wayne for five months now and the intensity and frequency of his crisis behaviors have only increased. Her director is receiving inquiries from the agency’s administration about the frequency of Wayne’s restraints. They are applying pressure that the crisis behavior and use of restraint is a liability and needs to be corrected. Grace has used all of her tools and has consulted with her co-workers and director as well.

What now?

Have you ever been in a situation similar to the one described above?

There is Something in the Way

The situation above describes a diligent behavior analyst who works persistently, and in collaboration with others, but does not identify an effective intervention.

There might be something in the way.

The topics that follow will explore options, related to the Code’s standards, for disrupting crisis behavior that has been unresponsive to assessment-informed behavioral interventions.