Instructional Technique Recent Research

This course counts as 3 BACB CEUs.

Working toward instructional targets requires many small decisions.  Current research will help behavior analysts be sure that the programs they create are current and efficient.  The purpose of this course is to review articles related to instructional applications.  All studies reviewed were printed in the 2013-2015 volumes of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA).  The reviewed articles cover the following topics: use of secondary targets, interspersal, least-to-most prompting, error correction, treatment integrity, teaching mands-for-information, and teaching safe responses to strangers.  The target audience for this course are BCBA/BCaBA clinicians.

Target audience:  Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Course Instructions: Read the material in Lesson 1 and take the practice quiz at the bottom of the page. After you have answered the two practice questions, move on to Lessons 2-6. When Lesson 6 is complete, take the final quiz until an 80% correct is achieved. Your certificate of course completion will be generated automatically.

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